Arch Anywhere

The Arch Anywhere ISO contains an automated install script giving you the ability to install a fully custom Arch Linux system in minutes. Write the Arch Anywhere ISO to a CD or USB, boot it up from your computer or VirtualBox, and type 'arch-anywhere'. This will invoke the built-in whiptail installer allowing you to install Arch Linux with a simple menu system.
The installer has support for multiple languages. Install Arch Linux in the language you feel most comfortable with. Every aspect of the install, from partitioning the drive to installing a desktop, and extra software is taken into consideration, leaving you with a fully bootable Arch Linux system, your favorite desktop and programs from the official Arch Linux Repository included. Install Arch Linux Anywhere, regardless of your level of experience.

The Arch Anywhere ISO also contains a built-in Arch Linux Wiki. You may search any page on the Arch Wiki from the command line with the 'arch-wiki' command. For example: 'arch-wiki beginner's guide' would pull up the entire beginners guide in the command line. Never be without the wiki again with the arch-wiki command.

This ISO is aimed at beginner and advanced Arch users alike. If you're curious about Arch Linux and want to try it out, you can do an install into VirtualBox with Arch Anywhere. Support for 'virtualbox-guest-utils' is included in the installer. Or if you're an advanced Arch user who simply needs to deploy many systems quickly, save time typing commands over and over while still being given full freedom to configure your system the way you like.

* Supported partitioning methods include:
  • Full drive automatic partitioning with optional SWAP partition
  • Full drive automatic partitioning full luks on LVM encryption for root and tmp partition with optional enctypted SWAP partition
  • Manual partition (advanced users) with your choice of partitioning tool: cfdisk, fdisk, gdisk, parted
* Supported Install Types:
  • Arch Linux Base
  • Arch Linux Base Devel
  • Arch LinuxLTS Base
  • Arch LinuxLTS Base Devel
* Supported Desktop Environments + Window Managers:
  • AwesomeWM
  • Cinnamon Desktop
  • DWM DynamicWM
  • EnlightenmentWM
  • FluxboxWM
  • Gnome Desktop
  • I3 i3WM
  • KDE/Plasma Desktop
  • LXDE Desktop
  • LXQT Desktop
  • Mate Desktop
  • OpenboxWM
  • XFCE4 Desktop (#1 developers choice)
* Supported Graphics Drivers:
  • ATI/AMD xf86-video-ati open source drivers
  • Intel xf86-video-intel open source drivers
  • NVIDIA: Stable, 340xx, 304xx closed source drivers
  • VirtualBox Guest Utilities Drivers
* Bootloader support:
  • Grub (Grand Unified Bootloader)
  • Support for UEFI boot
  • OsProber (Dual-Boot Support)
* Network Utilities:
  • Netctl
  • NetworkManager + Applet (Recommended for desktop)
  • WPA Supplicant
  • WPA ActionD
  • Wireless Tools

Also contains a long list of optional additional software all from the Official Arch repos. This inculdes web browsers, text editors, media players, servers, managment utilities, editing software, and many other programs you may find useful on your new system. You can view the list of software and find more info on the Features page.

Arch Linux, quick, easy, and straight forward, "Keep it simple stupid".
You can find the latest version of Arch Anywhere on the Download page.
(This is a dual Arch Linux installer ISO, containing both i686 (32 bit), and x86_64 (64 bit) architectures.)