Offical Anarchy Linux Download Page

This is the official download for the latest version of Anarchy Linux. Click the download link below to grab the latest copy of Anarchy Linux. We encourage you to use the provided torrent link to keep some load off the server. Simply write this ISO to a USB flash drive, or CD-ROM, insert into your computer and boot into the installer.

* Developer/Maintainer: Dylan Schacht
* Comments/Bug Reports:
* Latest ISO version: 2.2.9
* Release date: 02 September 2017
* Total download size: 491MB
* Anarchy Linux is licensed under: GPL v2


* Anarchy Linux latest torrent:

(Use the torrent link whenever possible and please seed back to the community!)

* Anarchy Linux latest direct download:

(This is the official direct HTTP download)


* Anarchy Linux Latest checksums for file verification:

(Text file containing the latest md5 and sha1 sums)

Currently Supported Languages:

Supported Software Architectures:

Write The ISO To A USB:


Some people have been running into issues when attempting to write the ISO to a USB using windows. When writing the ISO from a windows system the rufus utility does NOT work, the system will not boot. The best utility for writing the ISO from a windows system is Linux Live USB Creator:
LinuxLive USB Creator

BSD, Linux, Mac, UNIX:

When writing the ISO in Linux, Mac, BSD, or other UNIX deritive use the 'dd' command
(WARNING: Make sure you use dd command correctly - typing the command wrong can result in damage to your existing filesystem):

# dd if=arch-anywhere-dual.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync
(Replace 'X' with the USB device letter ex: 'sdc' 'sdd')