Arch Anywhere Package Repository

Name Version Description Maintainer Updated
arch-wiki-cli 0.3-1 Search the arch wiki from the cli Dylan Schacht 2017-03-15
downgrade 5.4.1-1 Bash script for downgrading one or more packages Catalin 2017-04-02
dolphin-libreoffice-templates 1.1-3 LibreOffice document templates for Dolphin contextual menu Catalin 2017-03-08
fetchmirrors 0.4-2 A utility to fetch new pacman mirrorlist Dylan Schacht 2016-12-24
octopi 0.8.5-2 A powerful Pacman frontend using Qt5 libs Catalin 2017-02-01
pamac-aur 4.3.5-1 A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm Catalin 2017-05-18
pacaur 4.7.8-1 AUR downloader / frontend Dylan Schacht 2017-05-12
yaourt 1.8.1-1 Yaourt AUR fronted Dylan Schacht 2017-01-19