Bringing you Arch - Anywhere

The Arch Anywhere ISO contains an automated install script giving you the ability to install a fully custom Arch Linux system in minutes. Write the Arch Anywhere ISO to a CD or USB, boot it up from your computer or VirtualBox, and type 'arch-anywhere'. This will invoke the built-in dialog installer allowing you to install Arch Linux with a simple menu system.

The installer has support for multiple languages. Every aspect of the install, from partitioning the drive to installing a desktop, and extra software is taken into consideration, leaving you with a fully bootable Arch Linux system, your favorite desktop and programs from the official Arch Repos included. Install Arch Anywhere, regardless of your level of experience.

The Arch Anywhere ISO also contains a built-in Arch Linux Wiki. You may search any page on the Arch Wiki from the command line with the 'arch-wiki' command. For example: 'arch-wiki beginner's guide' would pull up the entire beginners guide in the command line. Never be without the wiki again with the arch-wiki command.

This ISO is aimed at beginner and advanced Arch users alike. If you're curious about Arch Linux and want to try it out, you can do an install into VirtualBox with Arch Anywhere. Or if you're an advanced Arch user who simply needs to deploy many systems quickly, save time typing commands over and over while still being given full freedom to configure your system the way you like.

Latest News

Arch Anywhere 2-2-3 released


Arch Anywhere 2.2.3 has fianlly been released. This release features many changes and fixes improving the over all usability of the installer and speeding up the process. I've added the budgie desktop to the installer, as well as the option to install a list of 6 different pre-configured command shells. This release also features support for PPPoE internet connections and a few additional packages added top extra software.

Along with updates to the script I've also created a custom unofficial pacman repository (Arch Anywhere Repo) allowing users to install some pre-compiled packages. This includes: arch-wiki-cli, fetchmirrors, pacaur, & yaourt. More packages coming soon. If there are any custom packages you would like to see added to the repo let me know.

I've also removed support for syslinux with MBR BIOS boot due to a bug I can't seem to figure out. Syslinux support remains only when using EFI boot. The next release of Arch Anywhere should feature the Chinese language as I've been struggling to get this feature working. More to come soon.

- Deadhead

Forums Are Fixed And Working


The Arch Anywhere forum has been fixed and registration is working once again. A permission issue was preventing new users from registering. This issue has been fully resolved and the forum is up and running again. Any user who was unable to register may try again.

I have also added an email confirm feature to detur spam. Users are now sent a temporary password to their email after registration and may change their password after login. Enjoy the forum, more to come soon.

- Dylan

site-admin CLI content management system


I'm creating a web content management system written entirely in bash. I'm calling the project site-admin and it is a way to manage and update content on a website from the CLI. site-admin is currently in the development stage and much is left to do but the goal is to create a simple script which not only allows the user to manage a site, but create one as well.

All files are managed and interacted with by site-admin. The HTML & CSS is pre-written and also still under heavy development. I am currently able to add articles to my site (like the one I'm writing now) with site-admin. I simply write the article and my scipt takes care of adding the content to my site and updating/adding entry to all necessary HTML files. In addition to publishing articles site-admin is also able to add and manage packages in the Arch Anywhere Package Repos.

The arch-anywhere domain and content management tools are still under heavy development but much progress has been made. I plan on releasing site-admin code on github soon as it is currently working flawlessly. This article was published to the site using site-admin and I have created a small package repo under 'Packages'. I will soon share how to access this repo using pacman and release the code to site-admin as well.

The latest release of arch anywhere (2.2.3) will be coming very soon! It will fearure some bug fixes and improvements and possibly OpenRC is I have time to impliment it. Most of my time has been devoted to making improvements and changes to my site and I plan on having it where I want it soon.

Stay tuned for more - Dylan