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Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection. It is the most important holiday of the Chris tian Religion. Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday more than 2,000 years ago.It happened during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Then he rose from the dead. This is why this night is called Easter Night. And because the Christians believe in afterlife, at that time it is being proclaimed that the life had won over the death, the justice over the injustice, and the truth over the lie.

However, for many people, the Easter is also an original pagan holiday of spring and fertility, which had been already celebrated by the old Slavs and Teutons. This holiday celebrates the spring solstice, the end of winter, and the welcoming of spring.

Egg's painting is connected to the old folk ceremonies during the time of spring equinox. Exactly the decorated Easter eggs are one of the important documentations of the traditional Slavic folk art and they are the proof of the folk craftsmanship.

Handmade decorated Easter eggs are one of the traditional Czech products. The Easter eggs had been and still are being decorated everywhere, but their decoration has reached a level of the real art just at some places. Originality of the product can be recognized by the color of the eggs and pattern, and by the pattern alone. The patterns are handed over from generation to generation, but they can be changed according to a certain key and typical features, or even the new ones can be created.

Decoration of Easter eggs is a difficult and time demanding job. But the result is certainly worth it. We will be glad if it pleases you too.

We attach the Certificate of Authenticity to each handmade decorated egg.

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