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Easter 2007

Easter 2007 may seem a long way off yet. You're right. But that's no reason not to celebrate a tradition that is still very strong in Bohemia and Moravia.

Czechs are said to be a nation of atheists, but that's not entirely true. Although they don't go to church that often, they still honour Christian traditions very enthusiastically.

Christmas and Easter are the main festivals. At Easter in particular, the age-old customs and traditions are still respected.

On Easter Monday, most boys and many men make their way from door to door with birch rods, chanting Easter rhymes in return for Easter eggs. Easter 2007 will be no different.

This tradition is still going strong in villages and, surprising, even in large cities. Easter eggs are dyed in almost every household. The more dexterous try to paint various patterns on the eggs, or at least mix their own color.

In some regions, such as here in East Bohemia, there are skilful painters able to conjure up masterpieces on their eggs. The sort you can find in our shop.

We love Easter because this time of joy is associated with the coming of spring. As soon as Christmas is over, we will be looking forward to Easter 2007.

01/17/07, Pavla Solcova

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